“We ignore our true stature until we stand”
Emily Dickinson

Following the initiative of our fellow journalists and seeking the support of a sector formed in its vast majority by women, editorial professionals around the world support the feminist strike on the 8th of March. Joining voices with all the women who will take the streets on this date, literary women will make the plight for our fundamental rights heard.

Our claims are not different to those made from different social groups and include:

  1. The elimination of gender pay gap through salary transparency, assessing the true situation of women in the industry and giving names and figures to inequality. The current word-of-mouth nature of such cases hinders the workersability to counteract inequality, particularly damaging the female workers in positions of low salary and responsibility.
  2. Equal access to positions of responsibility. According to the Guild, the average male to female proportion in any publisher ranges from 70/30 and 80/20. The publishing sector is led 80% by male entrepreneurs, a percentage that is inverted in positions of least responsibility.
  3. The unmitigated denouncement of sexual and labor harassment.
  4. The demand for equal participation in platforms for literary dissemination and promotion. According to data from the Cultural Observatory of Gènere, women only earn 20% of literary prizes in Spain. This percentage merely borders on parity in the categories of literature for children and young adults.This bias is explained, in part, by the male-dominated juries and the generalised idea that literature written by women does not have the same universal character as that written by men.
  5. The demand of co-responsibility in family conciliation and care. This role falls, with few exceptions, in our professional colleagues who already bear an important burden to their labor obligations.

We call upon the workers of this sector to participate in the 8-M strike to the extent of their possibilities, to encourage this debate in their respective work places.


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